Swivel head electrodes

Swivel head electrodes for portable welder & spot welding machine !

PARENTNashik offers backup electrodes, swivel electrode tips with Morse taper as per international standards made in Chromium copper zirconium |C-18150 | group-A| to suit your portable welders for cosmetic welds.

Standard electrodes range from 7/8, 1, 1-1/4 & 1-1/2 inch with standard length.

Electrodes are available with and without “O” ring fitted as per drawing no #16-2300,16-2301, 19-2302, 16-2304, 16-2305, 16-2306, up to 16-2316.

Swivel tips have ball-jointed swivel heads to compensate for minor misalignment, and to eliminate marking of the work surface. They are all machined from Class 2 alloy bar stock. One series of these electrode water does not reaches head but another series of these electrodes water cool the head where O rings are used to seal it. In the next Series a spring is used to keep pressure on head for better positioning. Class 3 heads are also available.

swivel head electrode _ PARENT Swivel head electrode


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