Kickless Cable

Kickless Cable – 6X

Water cooled kickless cable, jumper aid cable for spot welding gun & robot

.PARENTNashik offers low reactance dual core water cooled kickless cables to suit your spot welding guns & robot welding. PARENT’s kickless cable are designed to carry maximum current to spot welding electrodes & eliminates “kick” from welding.

PARENT 6X Cables are available in various size ranges from 150sqmm to 250sqmm in different length 2mtr, 2.5 mtr & 3 mtr. With different end terminal design style –

Why PARENT Kickless cables :-

  • Maximum electrical conductivity
  • More durability,
  • Stronger welds,
  • Longer life,
  • Lower maintenance.
  • #Quick Delivery  #Best Price  #Excellent Quality.
.PARENTNashik Kickless cable

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